What’s the main difference between the Classic Package and the Platinum Package?

There are 3 main differences – With the Platinum Package:

  1. You don’t have to do any of the organising for the actual event i.e. anything that takes place at The Rose Pavilion. Once you chosen your service providers/suppliers, we do all the rest.
  2. We handle all the set up details (decor, table settings, rentals etc.) change-overs, mini events (cake cutting, speeches, send-off), guest comfort throughout your wedding.  With the Classic Package, we place the tables and chairs, set the crockery and cutlery on the tables and ensure the main meal service runs smoothly. The rest is up to you.
  3. We provide a wide range of decor to achieve the look you want.  Big ticket rentals are unfortunately not included.

Where do I have my reception?

The Pavilion is usually used for the wedding reception, but can also be utilised for the ceremony and/or pre-drinks for smaller weddings.  It comprises a central dancefloor and 2 wings.

How many guests can you accommodate?

We can accommodate up to 180 guests without additional marquees.

What about bad weather?

The wings of pavilion are fitted with blinds, patio curtains and radiant heaters to keep out the chill.

Layout & seating for receptions in the Pavilion

  • Banquet style.  Tables can be arranged to form one long table in each wing or two long tables adjacent to one another (4 rows). Maximum 60 per table. As this adds up to over 200 guests, we would have to supplement the space to house the bar, dessert stations etc.
  • Chevron style. Two rectangular tables placed in rows at an angle across the wings. Maximum 10 per table and six tables per side.
  • Square tables. Maximum 12 per table and eight tables per side.
  • Casual and cafe – a mix of table shapes and seating.

Where does the main table go? Do I have to have one?

Because of the pavilion’s unique design, we don’t do the conventional ‘top table’, but rather a centre table with the guest tables in one or both wings.  Some couples choose not to have a main table, but have a ‘sweetheart table’, either just during speeches or for the duration of formalities.  AND sometimes we do a U-shape or T-shape in one wing (under 120 guests only)!

 What about alcohol?

We are not licenced, so you bring your own.  We do not charge corkage.